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X-Socks Marathon Retina Socks Women black/twyce purple (2020)

ID: 1146200
269 kr
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Put your trust in the technologically advanced X-SOCKS Marathon and face the challenges of long-distance running. In addition to the proven X-BIONIC quality, the optimised functions of the X-BIONIC 4.0 generation offer you even more comfort and safety for more endurance. The knitted fabric, which precisely embeds the optimised Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0, promotes highly efficient ventilation. The shape-optimised Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 with two-part cushioning encloses the sensitive zone above the heel to protect against pressure, impact and friction. Together with the heel protection, the AirFlow ankle pads 4.0 additionally reinforce the protective space around the heel and ankle.

Retina Technology
The human retina is a miracle of evolution. With millions of receptors, the nervous tissue determines our visual perception of the world - and supplies our brain with high-resolution image information. The challenge is to design a clothing material with a comparably high functional density.

Skin Nodor:
Skin Nodor is a climate-active nano-filament and reduces bacterial growth and perspiration odour. An inorganic bacteriostatic agent is incorporated into its interior. Only through the slow release of ions, activated by body heat, Skin Nodor unfolds its effect. The ions inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, while at the same time protecting the skin's sensitive ecosystem and ruling out allergic reactions. Skin Nodor is particularly soft and breathable and ensures an excellent fit.

Skin-neutral and anti-allergic lightweight fibre reduces the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

This multifunctional hollow fibre is breathable, elastic and offers excellent properties. It absorbs pressure and shocks from the air contained in the fibre core. The high-quality three-thread construction is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.

Secure hold without slipping and constriction, adapts to any leg circumference.

Air-Conditioning Channel
The Air-Conditioning Channel, made of fine mesh, is an air guidance system that continuously ventilates and conditions the foot and leg. It leads out of the anatomically shaped footbed on the inside of the foot and thus ensures that moist and overheated air is pumped out of a firmly seated shoe every time the foot moves.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protector
The Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protector with its highly abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbing material protects the Achilles tendon from pressure points and friction at the edge of the shoe. The sensitive Achilles tendon is not stressed because it’s embedded in the opening of the padding.

Traverse AirFlow Channel System
The 3-channel transverse ventilation system helps to absorb moisture and heat into the air conditioning channel. In addition, it provides air conditioning for large areas of the sole of the foot, which is normally firmly enclosed by the shoe.

AirFlow ankle protection
The ankle protrudes from the side of the leg and is often scraped in falls. The sickle-shaped arrangement of the pad offers the ankle the greatest possible protection without affecting the air exchange via the air conditioning channel.

Tiptoe Protector
The asymmetrical protector made of shock-absorbing Robur hollow-chamber yarn cushions and protects the toes at their pressure-sensitive tip.

Toe Protector
Absorbs pressure and adapts perfectly to the asymmetric toes. Protects them from blisters and chafing.

AirCool Stripes
The anatomical "R"-right-/"L"-left footbed integrates the AirCool Stripes made of air-permeable Mythlan, working like a fine net. It provides cooling ventilation under the sole of the foot.

Heel protector
The heel protector protects against pressure and friction.

Suppronation Bandage
Supports a healthy foot posture, prevents overloading of the ankle joint.

Anatomically-shaped footbed
For the "L" left and "R" right foot with integrated air conditioning channel.

Narrow Arrow Construction
With the Narrow Arrow Construction, X-Socks offers the perfect fit for women and specifically takes into account the wider forefoot, the slimmer but higher midfoot and the smaller heel bone of women. The stretch ribs in the metatarsal area optimise this specific shape, ensure a perfect fit and prevent wrinkling during movement.

3-Expand Ladies Stripes
Specially tailored to the anatomy of the female foot. They are manufactured on special knitting machines to suit the narrower shape.


Low Cut  
Kompresjon: Nei
Thermo-funksjon: Nei
Polstring: Med polstring
Egenskaper: Dempet, Antibakteriell, Pustende
Material type: Syntet  
61 % polyamide, 32 % polypropylene, 7 % elastane  
Leveringsomfang (mengde)
1 par  
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