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Energizer 4.0 Victoria Sports Bra Women opal black

ID: 1146050

769 kr NOK
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    • opal black
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X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 Victoria Sports Bra Women opal black

Let nothing slow you down for your favourite sport! The new X-BIONIC Energizer 4.0 Victoria Sports Bra offers you perfect support. You enjoy more freedom of movement and always cut a good figure.
Like all products from the innovative X-BIONIC 4.0 generation, this sports bra is manufactured on precise machines using high-resolution retina technology. This guarantees first-class wearing comfort and exact contact surfaces without digging into the skin.
To ensure that you feel comfortable even during extremely strenuous activities, patented technologies ensure effective moisture management and an advanced fit.
The horizontal ribs of the Fort X Support effectively support the chest and back while immediately absorbing excess moisture.
The body-shaped support elements of the Ergonomic Relief Support Technology ensure a secure hold.

3D-Bionic Sphere System
The 3D-Bionic Sphere System leaves the skin with residual moisture that the body does not feel as wet. There are no sensors for sweat. It’s only when drops form and run that we perceive "wetness" via this mechanical stimulus. Sweat Traps absorb this moisture before it can be felt, cause it to evaporate and dispose of it through the dynamics of heat. Back on the skin remains an imperceptible film of moisture that cools. Because: No sweat - no cooling.

The highly elastic active waistband ensures a secure fit and support without restricting or hindering movement.

Sweat Traps
Excess moisture transport. Sweat forms a fine film of moisture on the skin. Drops are collected in the sweat traps and led to the evaporation surface expander. Evaporation takes place on three levels: On the skin to cool down, in the sweat traps excess moisture can be processed, on the Evaporation Surface Expander to final evaporation of excess moisture.

Elastic Tape
The ergonomically shaped straps are wide to avoid pressure points and to ensure a secure hold.

Seamless Comfort Cups
The seamless cups are made of extra flat materials. This prevents unwanted friction and offers maximum comfort to the athlete.

Pressure Relief Zone
A large side surface increases wearing comfort.

Skin Nodor is a climate-active nano-filament and reduces bacterial growth and perspiration odour. An inorganic bacteriostatic agent is incorporated into its interior. Only through the slow release of ions, activated by body heat, Skin Nodor unfolds its effect. The ions inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, while at the same time protecting the skin's sensitive ecosystem and ruling out allergic reactions. Skin Nodor is particularly soft and breathable and ensures an excellent fit.

Ensures that the excess sweat is distributed quickly and over a large area. Accordingly, the material forms the essential basis for a significant improvement in quality. Increase in performance. Special yarn expands the surface of the garment, thus improving the quality of the clothing. Efficient sweat transport. The liquid is sucked into the material within seconds and can be used optimally for cooling.

Ultra-high definition quality: for maximum function density, precise function zones and efficient function transmission.
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Tiltenkt bruk
Trening, Yoga, Asfaltløping
Bøyle: NeiPush up: NeiPolstret BH: Uten polstring
Lukket stilling: utenLukketype: Uten lukking
Material type: Syntet
90 % Polyamid, 7 % Elastan, 3 % Polypropylen
produktspesifik størrelsesinformasjon
Liten i størrelsen
For perfekt passform skal en sports-bh være stram


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