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SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake Rear black (2020)

ID: 995291
1 879 kr
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Reliability at the next level. The G2 RSC is based on the design of the code, which has already won several championship titles. It has a larger lever axis and more precise plain bearings, which guide the lever even more defined ... and this over its entire service life. In addition, the robust aluminium lever and the stainless steel hardware make it a real workhorse - incredibly reliable, durable and robust, in every application and under all conditions.

In addition, the G2 RSC convinces with an intuitive adjustment of grip width and pressure point and an increased stiffness of the brake calliper paired with a new, more biting brake pad mixture.

Pressure point adjustment
Some people like the immediate power transmission of a short lever stroke. Others prefer the feeling of a longer lever stroke. With the pressure point setting you can determine the position where your fingers are supposed to be, into the brakes are applied. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the feel of your brakes to your needs without having to move the brake pads. In addition, both brake levers can be adjusted to feel exactly the same.

Lever Pivot Bearings
Sealed precision bearings on the rotary handle provide a clean, precise grip movement and allow smooth one-finger operation.

Power Reserve Geometry
Basically, a brake lever only increases the force generated by your hand (just like a nutcracker). SRAM's Power Reserve Geometry offers a way to combine high leverage with high comfort for your hands. This philosophy is fundamentally different from that of other brake manufacturers. Due to the position of the fulcrum and physical laws, other brake levers tend your fingers to slip from the ends of the levers as you pull. SRAM brakes are different. With our brake levers, the fulcrum of the grip is closer to the handlebar - closer than any other brake on the market. The resulting lever movement doesn't move inwards as much, creating an arc that more closely matches the natural movement of your fingers. This transfers more force to the brake. And the great thing about it is that every SRAM lever offers this function.

When you pull a new SRAM brake lever, you notice the difference immediately. A shorter empty path. An optimized actuation of the brake pads. The new cam design requires a shorter lever travel to push the brake pads in the direction of the brake disc. That's nice, but for perfect braking performance you need more than just power. You need control. Many brake systems offer a shorter empty travel - but at the expense of modulation. SwingLink solves this problem with its special cam shape. When the brake pads touch the brake disc, the force is modulated and the "stagnant" braking sensation is avoided. This creates the perfect balance between power and precision.

Timing Port Closure
The synchronization opening of a hydraulic brake is the connection between the reservoir and the main cylinder bore. When the lever is actuated, a cup collar passes through this area and closes the opening, pressurizing the system. SRAM's new TPC Plus synchronizing port closure system features durable seals and an ultra-soft cylinder bore surface for reliable and consistent braking performance.

Downhill / Freeride, MTB
Med bremsearm  
Lengde bremsegrep: 1.5-finger  
Veksklingsteknologi: Uten  
Bremsecaliper bak: Post mount
Antall bremsestempler bak: 4
Beskrivelse: Rec.: Sram Centerline  
Uten skive  
Kabellengde foran: 200  cm
DOT 5,1  
Kompatibel bremsebelegg
Verktøyfri håndtaksjustering  
377  g
Inkludert i leveransen
Brake disc and adapter are not included in delivery, including Matchmaker X  
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