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Shimano GRX ST-RX600/BR-RX400 Disc Brake Rear Wheel 11-speed black (2020)

ID: 1008002
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Designed for rides on rough roads, through gravel and mud, so you can get comfortable and stress-free wherever you want to go and achieve that unique feeling of performance. The first group of components developed by Shimano for gravel rides. Instead of telling gravel riders what they need, Shimano developers asked them what they wanted. Shimano has listened for two years and spent countless hours talking to Gravel enthusiasts from around the world. They drove on dust and gravel roads and narrow tracks, crossed streams and mountain passes to imagine what a Shimano Gravel group could look like. The result of all these trips and also new friendships? First the Shimano Gravel Alliance and now the Shimano GRX - the world's first series with components designed specifically for gravel.

The goal is not to dominate the Gravel scene or change its direction. Shimano did not want to reinvent the wheel. The engineers at Shimano love Graveln as he is. Shimano simply wanted to give you and your friends the opportunity to ride the bike the way you want with a new group of components. And the GRX does just that.

And last but not least, the developers envisioned a Shimano GRX group that delivers top performance in gravel racing while offering options that make it affordable for cost-conscious drivers. By setting these design goals, Shimano has developed components that are also suitable for cyclocross, bike adventures and almost every similar type of bicycle diszplin. Simply put, the Shimano GRX is the world's best way to move freely and discover new territory on the Gravel bike.

DCL stands for DUAL CONTROL LEVER. It has braking and switching functions and is easy to operate. The improved ergonomics are probably even more important for the high standard than additional ratios. The technology of the new shift levers provides the stability of MTB technology and works so precisely and smoothly that it is possible to shift front and rear gears with just one finger. This is really a highlight of the SHIMANO TOTAL INTEGRATION. To understand this, you simply have to experience it for yourself.
The dual-control shift/brake levers from DURA-ACE, ULTEGRA and 105 have been optimised and now feature, for example, a weight-reduced joint on the inside of the shift mechanism and integration of the cable for easier steering. The extremely compact and high-precision manufactured individual parts result in an extremely high level of precision.

The brake lever is equipped with a handle width adjustment. This allows the handle to adapt to the size of the driver's hand, driving style or personal preferences.

"ONE WAY BLEEDING" is designed to quickly and easily prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. Shimano have optimized the brake fluid flow path throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from trapping in the system. The mineral oil's one-way routing, together with the funnel for filling, allows clean, trouble-free venting.

Fading of the brake during prolonged uninterrupted operation, e.g. downhill, impairs braking performance. SHIMANO has introduced brake discs and pads with ICE TECHNOLOGIES to create a cooling technology for consistently high braking performance. The brake disc has a three-layer stainless steel sandwich structure around an aluminium core. It radiates heat better and reduces, for example, a surface temperature of 400 ˚C on 300˚C. There is also a cooling fin on the brake lining. The design of the disc in combination with the cooling fins results in a longer service life of the pad, less brake noise, less fading and a lower weight.


  • Excellent heat dissipation / Practical tool access / Easy impeller replacement
  • Simple, clean venting system / easy adjustment and maintenance
  • integrerad breddjustering med verktyg
  • Better brake control on different terrains
Med kombinert gir-/bremsehåndtak  
Bremsehåndtaket: Shimano GRX ST-RX600
Lengde bremsegrep: Full hånd
Veksklingsteknologi: Mekanisk
Kombatibel: Dualcontrol
Kompatibilitet: Shimano
Veksler høyre: 11 gir
Beskrivelse: GRX BR-RX400
Bremsecaliper bak: Flat mount
Antall bremsestempler bak: 2
Beskrivelse: Rec. Rotor: SM-RT64  
Uten skive  
Beskrivelse: Rec. brake line: SM-BH90-JK-SSR  
Bremsevæske: Mineralolje
Mineraloljetype: Shimano
Kompatibel bremsebelegg
L03A resin with cooling fins  
Lever: aluminium/ Brake caliper: aluminium  
Inkludert i leveransen
1 Shimano GRX ST-RX600 / BR-RX400 Disc Brake Rear Wheel  
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