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Rotor 1x13 Groupset with 2INPower Crank and C45 Carbon SL Wheelset black (2019)

ID: 993581
44 539 kr
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ROTOR 1x13 - Unlock the world with just one chainring!
The ROTOR 1x13 allows for the first time a 1x drive with finest gear steps and maximum flexibility and bandwidth for all purposes!
The 1x13 group offers a unique hydraulic shifting system with a chainring, which is not only very light and low-maintenance, but also offers an extremely reliable shifting performance even under load, which no 2x11/2x12 system can match.

The modular 1x13 system allows an extremely flexible configuration for all applications. A very wide range of different 13 and 12 compartment cassettes with a large number of oval and round 1x Direct Mount chainrings allows the perfect combination of ratios for every situation and challenge!

ROTOR 1x13 brake lever combination
The 1x13 is also compatible with existing ROTOR Uno brake levers, only the left brake lever has to be converted to a brake lever.

Light, robust and low-maintenance
In addition to weight savings, the 1x13 offers an unprecedented level of reliability and low maintenance thanks to a closed hydraulic system. It offers all the advantages of a 1x drive but not only with the full bandwidth of a 2x11 but also allows an optimal cadence through fine gear graduation!

Revolutionary rear derailleur technology
The ROTOR 1x13 is designed around a drive system that consists of a revolutionary rear derailleur design, special 13-speed hubs with optimized wheels and modular cranks or power meters with 1x Direct Mount chainrings.
The precision handcrafted rear derailleur includes not only a clutch to minimise chain impact on 1x drives, but also gear indexing. It can be adjusted between 13 and 12 and is compatible with ROTOR 1x13 road bike brake levers, ROTOR 1x13 triathlon gear levers and the ROTOR 1x13 MTB Schifter.
The technology of the 1x13 rear derailleur is protected from shocks and foreign bodies by a multiple reinforced housing.

2INPower crank set
Revolutionize your training with the Rotor 2INpower! The two-sided power meter with integrated power measurement in the axle and in the right crank arm will improve your training in quality and experience. This crank set is based on the well-known INpower watt measuring system. The 2INpower measures the power of each leg individually. This provides precise data on balance, performance and potential for improving pedalling performance. The performance measurement of the left leg is typically measured by INpower using two pairs of strain gauges in the axis. These strain gauges are arranged in opposite directions so that recalibration is not necessary in the event of temperature fluctuations. Two pairs of additional strain gauges are placed in the right crank arm, which only measure the performance of the right leg. Thus, independent or combined step analyses can be performed using Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) and Torque360 metrics with the free user software.

The 12/13 compartment cassettes
The high-quality and extremely light ROTOR cassettes are assembled in Spain CNC from 2 parts, which are milled in each case from the full block. Thus an extremely low weight is achieved with the most precise function.

The Wheels 
All 1x13 groups can be purchased as complete kits with ROTOR's high quality 1x13 carbon or 1x13 aluminium wheels. For the 1x13 cassette a wheel with ROTOR 1x13 hub is necessary, while the 1x12 fits on every wheel with Shimano HG freewheel!

The hubs
The ROTOR 1x13 hubs are manufactured in Spain on state-of-the-art precision CNC milling machines from solid material and are equipped with the patented, extremely smooth-running ROTOR RVOLVER freewheel system.
The ROTOR 1x13 hubs for Road are available as:
RVOLVER 1x13 front wheel hub with centerlock disc brake mount for 24 holes with special extra stiff 2:1 spoke pattern - mounting width for thru axle 12 x 100 mm. RVOLVER 1x13 rear wheel hub hub with centerlock disc brake mount for 24 holes with special extra stiff 2:1 spoke pattern - mounting width for thru axle 12 x 142 mm.

Attention: To allow a 13-speed compatible freewheel, the freewheel is slightly wider than conventional hubs with Shimano or XDR freewheel. The 1x13 hubs are specially designed to provide a 2:1 clearance for the now steeper spokes on the drive side.
The top group includes the very flexible 1x13High End group including 2INpower power meter and light carbon wheelset.
The right choice for competitions and optimal training control through high-quality components and a power meter with double measurement.

Bremse(r), Bakgir, Sveiv, Kassett, Wheelset, Kjetting, Kjettingring/-ringen, Bremseskive(r), Bremsekabel, Girkabel, Gir-/Bremsehåndtak
Innhold / levering
Brake shift lever right, brake lever left, rear derailleur, brake calipers, brake discs and accessories, 13-speed cassette, ROTOR carbon wheels, 2INpower Road Power Meter  
1785  g
Framveksler: 1-delt
Bakveksler: 13-speed
Design: medium lang  
Gradering front: 46  
Gradering bak: 10-39  
Kombatibel: Hydraulisk  
Type: Hydraulisk skivebrems  
2INPower with axle, Direct Mount, 172.5 mm, Q-factor: 147.5 mm  
Q-Ring Oval, 46 teeth  
Grades: 10,11,12,13,14,15,17,19,21,24,28,33,39Z, Weight: 241 g/ 9 steel sprockets, 4 aluminium sprockets  
KMC X12, 12/13-speed, 126 links  
Uncut cables: 1800 mm x 5 mm / 950 mm x 5 mm  
Magura Flat Mount Brake Caliper  
Magura Storm SL.2 brake discs incl. centerlock adapters  
Skivebremser: 6-hull
Bremsing Disc Diameter forann: 160 mm
Bremsing Disc Diameter bak: 160 mm
1 Omtaler
5 Stjerner
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2 Stjerner
1 Stjerne
Rotor 1x13
Rotor 1x13
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Bra og billig, perfekt for pendleren min !!!

Good and cheap, perfect for my commuter!!!

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