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RockShox SID World Cup SA Suspension Fork 27,5" 100mm 15x100mm matte black (2019)

ID: 647096
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The special focus of the SID World Cup is on XC performance, with which you can win races. The chassis and interior have been specially designed for a suspension travel of 100 millimetres - without compromises. SID is now equipped with the award-winning Charger Damper - ideal for riders who prefer a harder pace. Torque caps allow incredibly precise steering. SID is individually adjustable, lightweight and doesn't do things by halves.

Air suspension manuals
Rockshox prints air suspension manuals for all their air suspension forks. They may not be a technological feat, but they allow you to set up your suspension in seconds instead of minutes. And more time on your bike means more opportunities to become the mountain king on your favourite route. Maybe this is a technological feat.

Charger Damper 2
The evolution of the highly acclaimed Charger damper - the most advanced RockShox technology to date - takes its performance and sophistication to a whole new level. The new damping design allows more extensive adjustment of the low-speed compression stage in open mode and a more effective pedalling mode, which is particularly effective on hilly trails.

Motion Control DNA
Who doesn't want more? For a mountain bike rider, more may mean more stones, more roots and more descents. It could also mean more hairpin bends, single track and steep climbs. Mission Control DNA's various configurations are designed for riders who want to get more out of their bike and demand more from their suspension.

RockShox has redesigned the rebound piston to accommodate the Dig-Valve. It provides optimum control for the low and high speed compression stages and carefully regulates the oil flow so that the driver always has the right suspension and shock absorption. The newly developed piston allows the use of Rapid Recovery, a rebound setting that allows the damper to return to its original position more quickly after successive impacts - for better traction and a more controlled ride.

Power Bulge
If you need more strength in your forearms for better control, hit the gym. If you want to make your suspension fork more durable however, you can do that with the Power Bulge. Other manufacturers simply increase the downpipe size and bring more weight into play. Power Bulge, on the other hand, simply reinforces the fork legs for extra-large guidance. This increases stiffness and ensures maximum riding comfort. Besides, it's Power Bulge.

Rapid Recovery
Who doesn't want a greater travel for successive shots? Thanks to the Rapid Recovery System, the damper returns to its original position more quickly after successive strokes, allowing the wheel to grip the ground more precisely. This more active damping system won’t fail and provides a ride with higher and softer spring hardness. With Rapid Recovery, the rider benefits from greater suspension travel for a smoother and more controlled ride on every shot.

Solo Air
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. The enlightened design allows the positive and negative air chambers of your suspension forks to be filled with air simultaneously via just one car valve. So there is a perfect balance between them, like Yin and Yang. For a comfortable and predictable ride, you can adjust the lightest suspension fork on the market in seconds.

Damping markings
If you don’t adjust your damping correctly, you may as well be riding a foreign bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension again and again? Damping markings: The damping markings are printed directly on the stanchions of the suspension fork and the damper housing for easy and precise adjustment of the perfect suspension. So you can return the plastic clip and ruler to your mother.

Torque Caps
Torque Caps strengthen the connection between the hub and the fork dropout by increasing the surface area that connects the two. This creates a stronger and stiffer interface that gives you better feedback and more control. So you can concentrate on the most important connection: The one between your bike and the trail.


  • Stigrörsdiameter: 32 mm
  • Krona: Kolfiber
  • Max storlek på bromskivor: 200 mm
  • Dämpning: Charger 2
  • Offset: 42 mm
  • Monteringshöjd: 487 mm
  • Ingår i leverans: 1x SID World Cup SA dämpad framgaffel, 1x Maxle Ultimate Thru Axle, 1x Stealth klisterset, 1x Star Nut
  • Axeltyp: Maxle Ultimate
Rebound justerbar, Lockout, Egnet for koniske hoderør
Hjulstørrelse: 27,5 Tum
Gaffelrørdiameter: 1 1/8, 1,5 Tum
Type aksel: QR thru aksel
Aksel diameter: 15 mm
Installasjon bredde aksen: 100 mm
Travel (mm): 100 mm
Type: Olje / Luft  
Bremse type: Disc (Post Mount)  
Standpipe: aluminium
Gaffel rør: Magnesium
Gaffel aksel: Karbon
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