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Hybrid Pro 400 E-Bike
"This Cube e-bike has really impressed me - it's both stylish and great to ride."
Thomas, Project manager Logistic


Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 400 E-Bike



For the first time ever, we’re featuring an e-bike as our Product of the Month. It’s perfect timing – e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular and the technology is developing quickly. E-bike manufacturers are creating models that are getting increasingly more increasingly sophisticated and powerful. Our colleague Thomas, who works as a project manager in our logistics department, recently tested the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro Allroad 400 E-Hardtail. Thomas is considering buying an e-bike so he’s the perfectly choice for testing this bike. Let’s see whether this test turned him into our newest e-bike convert…


First impressions

I was looking forward to testing the bike and was really happy to see it waiting for me in our warehouse in Esslingen. Since I’d like to cycle to work more regularly, the opportunity to test an e-bike came at the perfect time for me. I was immediately struck by how stylish the bike looked and it felt nice and sturdy without being cumbersome. Scoping out its wide 2.6" Schwalbe tyres gave the impression that this e-bike would be able to handle trickier terrain too. This model was super simple to set up and it was just a case of mounting the battery and straightening the handlebars before it was ready to ride.


the test

My first ride of the Cube e-bike was a great experience and made me want to keep riding it. Of course, I immediately chose the turbo mode on the display and it didn’t take much effort to get the bike moving from stationary. The engine reacted immediately and I found myself reaching a decent speed with just a few kicks of the pedal. It was very exciting to experience the e-bike in action. Over the next few days I took the bike to and from work as well as on several weekend outings.

Commuting during the winter months is always hard and you often find yourself travelling in darkness both in the morning and evening. I was glad to have some pedaling assistance to help me home, and the Hybrid Pro 400’s lighting system kept me visible to other traffic on the road.

I was particularly impressed with the lights and the fact they’re powered by the bike’s battery is very positive. Whilst testing the Cube, I paid particular attention to the four different speeds offered by the engine. It didn’t take long to familiarise myself with the e-bike’s computer display. It clearly shows all important in for – including the current speed, range and charge of the battery. Despite consuming a lot of energy the ‘turbo’ mode is extremely fun to use. There was never an occasion when the battery ran out whilst using the bike though.

Another positive feature of this model is its powerful hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano. Both the front and back brakes are equipped with 180s discs which offer solid stopping power in all weather conditions.


The Cube Allround E-Bike has really impressed me. Not only does it look great, it rides really well too. It performs well no matter what terrain it’s on and the various power modes function well. The battery range can adapted to suit individual needs. Thanks to its quality suspension fork, disc brakes, 10 gears, lights and mudguards, the Hybrid Pro 400 is prepared for any weather. Testing the bike has convinced me of the advantages of using an e-bike and I plan on replacing my MTB with one in the coming months.


Function / Performance:

Value for Money:

Build / Durability:

Design / Aesthetics:

Level of Innovation:


8/10 ★

9/10 ★

8/10 ★

7/10 ★

7/10 ★

CUBE – Premium Quality Bikes

CUBE is a German bike manufacturer that was founded in 1993 by then student Marcus Pürner. He started producing bikes in a 50m² room in his father's furniture factory. His bikes were so well received that he soon expanded production. Today, CUBE is the market leader in Germany as well as being present in over 30 countries.


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