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Red Cycling Products
Bike Box II Bike Box
"The Red Cycling Products Bike Box can do almost anything the competition can, but at a much lower price."
Ralf, Product Manager
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Product of the Month

Red Cycling Products Bike Box II Bike Box


The Red Cycling Products Bike BOX II - Safely Transport Your Bike

It’s cold and wet in most parts of Europe at this time of year. Whilst indoor training helps many of us to stay fit during these harsh months, others decide to flee to warmer climes for their cycling fix. For those transporting their bike over long distances, adequate protection is essential. A hard shell bike box like this one from Red Cycling Products is exactly what you need to keep your precious steed safe. Ralf - Product Manager for various bike brands on our site - took a closer look at the Red Cycling Products Bike Box II bike box. Ralf is certainly one of the most experienced cyclists in the Bikester team. Over the past 40 years he’s extensively ridden both road and mountain bikes and his passion for sporty cycling remains with him. Let’s see how he got on with his bike box…

First Impressions

In the spring of 2017, I decided to take part in a special bike ride in aid of impoverished children. Myself and 40 other cyclists planned to ride from the north of Germany to the south – over 1,000km in total. To get ready for this challenge, I took my bike to both Malaga and Mallorca to train. In order to transport my bike safely, I needed a pretty solid bike box. I was looking forward to trying out RCP’s case, since I’ve used various products of theirs in the past and have always had good experiences.

The Bike Box II boasts a well-thought-out design which is immediately apparent. The hard shell case is light yet sturdy enough to protect my bike from outside pressure. You never know exactly how the airlines will handle luggage and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The box consists of two separate shells, which interlock when closed and are secured by four straps and metal fasteners. You’ll also find two wheels on the bottom of the case for easy rolling. Inside, there’s enough space for road bikes with a frame size of up to about 62 cm. A sophisticated inner belt system safely secures the bike in place. Also provided are three thick foam mats, a foam block for the chainrings to sit in and a foam spacer for the handlebar and the seat post.


Packing & Handling

The design of the case is great and you can separate the lids for unrestricted access from all sides - clever! The pedals, saddle and wheels must all be removed first in order to fit the bike inside the box. The handlebar should also be loosened and repositioned at 90 degrees. One of the three foam mats acts as a base in the shell, inside which the bike frame rests. The seat post is laid in the foam. The large foam block fits into the bottom of the case, so that the chainrings are positioned in the middle. This design means that everything sits snuggly in the box. The integrated belt system ensures that the contents can be securely fastened. The second large mat above serves as a spacer between wheels and frame, whilst the third mat lies on top of the bike. With the bike and foam in place, it’s just a case of placing the other shell on top. The sturdy clips lock into place effectively. Over the past few months, my racing bike has survived two flights inside the Bike Box II. So far, the box shows no signs of wear too. What’s particularly noteworthy is the comparatively low weight of the box - just over 10 kg including packaging material. Even with a middle-class road bike, you’ll still stay under the 20kg weight limit most airlines place on hold luggage.


In Conclusion

The Red Cycling Products Bike Box II can do almost anything that the competition can, but at a much lower price. I’m completely satisfied and would certainly recommend it to others. The easy-to-use design and confidence-inspiring hard shell make the Bike Box II an affordable winner for me. Unfortunately, the box doesn’t accommodate full suspension mountain bikes or 29" bikes. Large racing bikes might also encounter problems. For those with suitable bikes, the Red Cycling Products Bike Box II is an affordable way to transport your bike safely around the world.

Red Cycling Products - Tools You Need

Red Cycling Products offer reliable and high-quality bicycle parts and accessories. Their products feature simple designs that can be produced at an affordable price. While spare parts are becoming increasingly expensive for many manufacturers, RCP manage to offer their products at an affordable price. From components and spare parts to locks and lights, the Red Cycling Products range has something for everyone.


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