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P.A.C. Merino Nature Multitube madder orange (2020)

ID: 953052
359 kr
Inkl. mva, ekskl. levering
P.A.C. Merino Nature Multitube madder orange
P.A.C. Merino Nature Multitube elder blue
P.A.C. Merino Nature Multitube reseda yellow
P.A.C. Merino Nature Multitube oak apple black
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The P.A.C. Merino Nature is made in Germany and from high quality merino wool. In addition, it is made with natural dyes, so no chemicals are used in the dyeing process. The functional natural product offers a pleasant wearing comfort with many application possibilities during your outdoor activities. Merino wool cools in the summer and warms in the winter, providing excellent thermoregulation. Due to its natural antibacterial properties, it inhibits odours. The P.A.C. Merino Nature also has high breathability and UV and wind protection. P.A.C. Merino is exclusively made of merino wool and is free of mulesing.

PAC Mask Wearing Instructions: you start with the P.A.C. scarf and simply pull the multifunctional cloth completely over your head and up to your neck. Afterwards you grab the upper end of the multifunctional cloth with both hands and pull it over your chin, mouth and then also your nose. You can then run your fingers along the edge of the P.A.C. Shawl and pull it into place so that it is comfortable to wear. The P.A.C. Everyday & sports Mask is now ready.

100% merino wool: offers a particularly fine fibre compared to normal wool. Due to the extreme weather conditions to which merino sheep are exposed in nature, the wool has an extremely thermoregulatory effect and is able to wick moisture away from the body particularly quickly. This creates a warming protective layer for the body, even when wet. In contrast to normal wool, merino wool does not scratch even when wet. Merino is therefore particularly suitable for wearing directly on the skin. At the same time, merino wool can also be worn very well in warm summer weather, as its high breathability has a cooling effect. Thanks to its natural sun protection factor, pleasant feel and fire resistance, merino wool is currently one of the most sought-after fibres on the market.

Plant dye: P.A.C. attaches great importance to sustainability, as is the case with the cloths that are dyed with natural dyes. No chemicals are used in the dyeing process. The high-quality merino fabrics therefore not only offer the highest level of wearing comfort, but are also 100% natural.

Seamless and Stretchy
Thanks to the seamless design, the P.A.C. Wonder Cloth can be worn in many variations on the entire head - without leaving any pressure marks. Also, the use under a riding or motorcycle helmet is possible. Thanks to a specially developed knitting process, the P.A.C. is highly stretchable and still does not wear out.

The P.A.C. Original is thermoregulating using a very thin merinofiber. Thanks to a special knitting process in combination with the refined merinofibre, the cloth absorbs perspiration and moisture well and releases them directly back into the environment.

UV & Wind Protection
The P.A.C. Original is the perfect companion for all weather conditions. The integrated UV & wind protection protects the neck and head area during all outdoor activities.

Odor Control
With SilverPlus, P.A.C. has also chosen one of the world's leading products for the antibacterial finishing. Of course, P.A.C. also attaches great importance to the use of ecologically harmless materials in this area, thus creating an antibacterial cloth that counteracts the formation of odours and germs.

Highly breathable
Due to the thin material, the P.A.C. cloth is very breathable and therefore does not weigh down. This makes it a useful accessory for sports and leisure even on hot summer days.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
It is particularly important to avoid harmful substances, as the products are worn directly on the body as the first layer. Production according to German standards and the avoidance of unnecessary transport routes protects the environment. For the safety of P.A.C. employees and the customer, not only the product itself but also all 9 complex production steps were certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. All P.A.C. textiles are regularly tested for harmful substances by independent institutes to ensure that the products not only feel good but are also 100% skin-friendly.


  • Natural dyestuffs, no use of chemicals in the dyeing process
  • Sustainability and ecology at the highest level
  • Pleasant wearing comfort, super soft, no scratchy feel
  • thermoregulation
  • Can be used as hair band, mask, hood, scarf, headband, balaclava, pirate scarf
  • Natural antibacterial, odour neutralising properties
Kan brukes på flere måter  
Helårs produkt  
100% Merino wool  
Egenskaper: Luktresistent, Pustende, Temperaturregulerende, Sømløs, varmende
Dimensioner L x B: Cloth size ca 24 cm wide, 50 cm high  
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