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Oreka O5 Smart trener

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OREKA TRAINING Oreka O5 Smart trener

They are passionate cyclists and competitors, real athletes who love challenges and demand high-quality products. They are a significant source of information in Orekas innovation and
development process. They are the ones who test Orekas products to the limit, the ones who push Orekas to develop trainers above and beyond the competition. For them, this is not only a
product, this is their training tool to achieve their goals. They love technology and innovation.

For cyclists who follow the latest technology, love innovation and the use of both of them in sport. They are real athletes that perform in virtual competitions and they need highquality products for their virtual goals. Like the Training users, they present Oreka Training with a vital source of information in research and innovation processes. They push Oreka to develop their trainers to the limit. So this is not only a product for them, this is the best tool to meet their objectives.

Oreka achieved the same body kinematics of the road in the studio. Thus, they can analyze the entire body: from the bottom to the top, both left and right sides and analysis of the spine with cervical and lumbar segments. Not only It allows to scan body movement, but it also allows to scan the dynamic movement of the bike. With OREKA TRAINING, the analysis of the cyclist is like being on the road and It allows fitters to get better conclusions.

Oreka guarantees that cyclists, duathletes and triathletes optimise their training time both in gyms and in hotels. Hotels are becoming in spaces for workout and accommodations for cycling events and professional teams. Therefore, Oreka offer them the latest technology so that they can workout properly with no weather limitation.

The OREKA O5 trainer is the trainer for race lovers. The “must’’ in road, cyclocross or track events to train with the highest standards of ERGODYNAMIC technology from OREKA TRAINING. For those who want a compact and portable trainer that they can travel to events with. But with the same advantages of the OREKA O2: the possibility of riding for hours and hours without muscle overloads or typical injuries you can get from static trainers. The OREKA O5 is the perfect device for those who want to train safely with accuracy and require a trainer that is transportable.

Just get on and ride, no need for calibration. In Orekas trainers, resistance is produced by a magnetic field that is regulated and adjusted automatically, increasing or decreasing the current that passes through the electromagnets. This results in a functional resistance unit that requires no maintenance or contact. So that you can concentrate on riding and getting the most out of your workout.

The is the perfect simulation of riding up and down hills. For fixed speed and power workouts - at fixed speed. Automatic resistance regulation depending on the route, achieving the necessary power to cover any virtual route. The system hardens when climbing and decreases intensity on the flats, just like riding on the road. It is possible to achieve high power even at low speed - at fixed power. The software estimates power based on the speed and resistance level of the trainer. Each trainer has its own power curve depending on the speed and the position of the resistance module. This way, power-based training can be done no matter the speed or cadence that is applied.

Pedal with no complications. Work out with no electricity. The trainer works without having to plug it in, thanks to the permanent magnet motor. This engine, along with the steering wheel of inertia and electronic elements, is configured to generate energy from motion. With that energy, the trainer communicates with apps and controls the resistance. It also has an electric brake with electromagnets and permanent magnets rows, which generate its own energy. The trainer uses this energy to produce the required resistance. It allows you to train outdoors and warm-up like a professional before races with all the features of a great trainer.

Easily transportable. Foldaway frame for easy transport and storage.It’s the end of heavy loads to be transported by hand. They are foldaway and easy to store. They are the best options to warm-up outdoors before races, bike trials or track events.The OREKA O5 model has been designed as a trolley system with wheels so it can be easily transported.

It’s Orekas main technology, the one which they are most proud of, the one which makes Oreka different. It’s a patented system with two main characteristics: - Transfer the balance of pedalling from the road to indoor training: you can get up, sprint, ... just like on the road. Dynamic and freedom of movement, reduction of muscle overloads and injuries due to spending lots of hours in a static position. Oreka trainers allow enjoying hours and hours of training with completely natural pedalling sensation, which means that the muscles don’t get hurt. This makes OREKA TRAINING the ideal training tool for professionals right through to the enthusiast.

The control of the rocking system is done with two pneumatic “muscles” that are interconnected by a central air tank. In this tank, with the same pump that it is used to inflate the
tyres, trainer’s damping system is adjusted to suit rider taste.

In this way with
4 bars pressure, Oreka obtain a natural rocking that simulates the movement of the bicycle at any ascent when pedaling standing up.
6 bars pressure, Oreka obtain a more stable pedaling, which avoids the muscular overloads generated by the static systems.

It should be noted that, independently of this rocking system, the Oreka O5 is a stable trainer thanks to its legs, so the efforts/sprints at more than 1,000 watts can be performed without any trainer displacement.


  • Resistance levels infinitely variable / Flywheel: 4kg
  • compatible cassettes: Shimano/Sram 9,10,11-speed
  • matching axles: 130 mm, 135 mm, 142 x 12 mm, 148 x 12 mm
  • Plugless technology (no electronic connection necessary)
  • Maximum inclination 25% / Calibration: Magnet Fit Technology
  • Control: Autonomous, Smartphone, Tablet, ANT+, ANT+ FE-C Computer
  • High Power: 40 kmh, 2000 Watt


Tiltenkt bruk
Landevei, Cyclocross, Gravel, Triathlon, Aero, Endurance
Bremse system: MagnetbremseMotstandsinnstilling: Kabelløs
Mål: (L x B x H): 133 x 90 x 49
Vekt: 30 kg
Inkludert i leveransen
Inkludert i leveransen: 1x OREKA TRAINING Oreka O5 Smart Trainer


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