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More and more women are getting into mountain biking and manufacturers are taking notice. Do female riders really need bikes specially designed for women? Yes and no. Technically, there’s nothing to stop a female biker comfortably riding a regular mountain bike if it’s the right size and model for the intended application. However, some manufacturers now offer their own women's bikes. And for good reason.

Less-than-perfect geometry

Many women may find that the traditional sitting position and geometry of a man’s MTB is uncomfortable. The top tube may feel too long, the handlebar to wide and the handles uncomfortably thick. The male saddle is probably anything but pleasant. Also useful to note: beginners will benefit from a light and manoeuvrable mountain bike far more than from a bike with a lot of suspension travel, which requires a very active riding style.

Advantages women's bike

In the case of women's bikes, these undesirable characteristics have been taken into account by the manufacturers. Designs include a frame that offers a lower standover and shorter reach, women’s saddle, suspension tuned to suit lighter riders, adapted handlebars and slimmer handles included as standard. Which specific model to choose depends, as ever, on the area of application, personal preferences and last but not least, on your own budget. But we generally recommend a relatively light hardtail MTB for the majority of riders.

Female-specific Mountain bike hardtails

Female-specific full suspension bikes

Tuning tips

Instead of buying a female-specific design, with just a few modifications you can make big improvements to your regular bike. A ladies saddle like the Terry Arteria GT Women saddle is adapted to the female anatomy – without compromising its athletic look. The ESI Racer's Edge handles have a relatively thin outer diameter which gives smaller hands much more control.