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Trollheimen Superlight Sleeping Bag

ID: 1192843

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Helsport Trollheimen Superlight Sleeping Bag

The Trollheimen superlight range offers thermal efficient and lightweight synthetic fiber bags. With the new Thermolite T3 Ecomade fiber and shingle construction Helsport have designed a synthetic sleeping bag that is highly compressible which provides superior sleeping comforts. The Trollheimen Superlight range are perfect for weight-consciousness adventurers who travels in damp climates or wet conditions. This
synthetic sleeping bag is also perfect for those who sleep in a hammock, under a tarp or under the stars. Synthetic fiber is also a great option for those who are allergic to down.

Helsprot have implemented the well-known thermal efficiency fit, which eliminates all cold spots in the sleeping bag and that results in exceptional warmth-to-weight-ratio for a synthetic sleeping bag. This is the closest you get a down sleeping bag, but still a synthetic. The Shingle construction uses overlapping pieces of fiber blanket instead of a single sheet. This allows for greater freedom of movement and also traps additional warm air between the layers. The new eco fiber is extremely compressible and has a comfortable down feeling. Helsport selected the partially recycled synthetic fill that nonetheless meets the demanding standards of thermal efficiency. The Thermolite T3 Ecomade is made with innovative fibers for improved insulation values and better breathability than standard synthetic fiber.

This insulation contains a minimum of 35 % recycled materials such as plastic bottles. It delivers outstanding warmth while being extremely lightweight. Combined with good compression and recovery, THERMOLITE T3 EcoMade insulation sets a new milestone in terms of wearer comfort. A high level of water resistance keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable, even in demanding conditions. In addition, THERMOLITE T3 EcoMade technology has outstanding wash durability, which translates into longer garment life and lower environmental impact through fewer replacements and less trash. Utilized in the Alta Superlight & Trollheimen Superlight ranges, as well as the Spitsbergen outer bag.


Tiltenkt bruk
Trekking, Camping
Herre, Dame
sesong: 3-sesongs
Kategori: Syntetisk soveposeForm: Mumieformet
Komforttemperatur: 2Maks. temperatur: -3 °CEkstremtemperatur: -20 °C
Ytterstoff: Polyamide 20DYttermateriale: 100 % PolyamidIndre materiale: Polyester 50DVattering: 100 % PolyesterFylling: SyntetDetaljer fyllmateriale: 180 gsm Thermolite T3 Ecomade
Sovepose: 1230 g
Sovepose (L x B1 x B2): 185 x 75Kroppsstørrelse: 185 cmPakkestørrelse (L x B): 27 x 20


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