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XRC 1501 Spline Carbon Cross Country Front Wheel 29" Disc CL

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DT Swiss XRC 1501 Spline Carbon Cross Country Front Wheel 29" Disc CL

Made for modern XC tracks - a 240 hub surrounded by a 30 mm carbon rim - super fast!
Tailored to the needs of performance orientated cross country riders, the XRC 1501 SPLINE ONE leaves nothing to be desired. The light 30 mm wide carbon rims offer ideal support for modern XC tires. Rolling on race proven and super durable 240 hubs with RATCHET EXP freehub system every bit of your energy is transferred into forward motion via equally racy double butted spokes and a perfect wheel build.

Carbon makes it possible to build lighter wheels, which improve riding behaviour of the specific wheels for various fields of application. By further improving 1501 SPLINE ONE wheels, DT is able to reduce the weight by up to 180 g per wheel set compared to the previous generation while preserving its values.

Carbon enables DT to produce a 30 mm wide Cross Country rim which greatly supports modern XC tyres allowing lower tyre pressure and therefore reducing rolling resistance on rough surfaces. Not only does the XC wheel benefit from the low weight of a carbon rim, also DTs All mountain and Enduro specific wheels profit from the low moment of inertia that a carbon rim offers granting a snappy acceleration, precise handling and high speeds.

A wider rim provides improved tire support which allows lower pressure and leads to less rolling resistance on rough tracks. Learn more about it.

Cross Country wheels are made to be fast and this makes it necessary to reduce resistance where possible. On a rough surface, rolling resistance can be up to 69 % of total resistance. Rolling resistance is defined as: rolling resistance coefficient x weight x gravitational acceleration. Whereas the coefficient is defined by the wheel size; tire section; tire characteristics, tire pressure, tread, soil. While most of those factors cannot be influenced by the wheel, we can modify the tire support. A wider rim provides improved tire support which allows lower pressure and leads to less rolling resistance on rough tracks.

During cornering, lateral forces occur which act on the tire. The tire’s contact patch moves in the opposite direction to the lateral force. When riding through a corner with a narrow rim, the tire’s contact patch is no longer above the flange of the narrow rim. The tire is no longer supported by the rim and folds, resulting in an unstable riding experience. This folding creates tension over the tire which pulls on the opposite bead and causes a loss of air between the tire bead and the rim bed, so called tire burping.
The tire contact patch of the wide rim is inside the rim flanges. The side wall of the tire is supported by the wide rim which increases control. A wider rim can therefore be ridden with lower air pressure than a narrower rim.

A wheel with low tire pressure will roll better over rough surfaces than a wheel with high pressure, as the tire can adapt better to the ground. A wheel with high air pressure cannot absorb obstacles and the bike must move upwards, comparable to lifting work, which increases rolling resistance. Less air pressure leads to less fatigue, because as a rider you also have less lifting work to do.

Tubeless tires offer some decisive advantages over the conventional combination of tire and tube: The tyre can be driven with less pressure without risking "snakebites" and therefore offers more grip. The lower pressure also ensures greater driving comfort. Dispensing with the inner tube means that there is no friction between the tube and the tyre and that therefore the rolling resistance is lower when driving off-road and over obstacles. If tubeless milk is also used, the tyre is also immune to punctures and small cuts. A great advantage for all those who like to ride long distances and away from the nearest bike shop.

The advantages
Tubeless Ready rims from DT Swiss have further advantages over conventional rims. Thanks to the design of their cross-section, the tyre simply pops into place when inflated, so that usually only a normal stand pump is needed. The ingenious tread pattern of DT Swiss rims also ensures that the tyre fits precisely and securely, even under tough driving conditions.

The perfect fit
The profiles of DT Swiss rims are specially designed for tubeless use. They guarantee a perfect fit and make the installation of the tyre as easy as possible. Nevertheless, it is always possible to use a conventional combination of tire and tube.

DT Swiss valve
The use of aluminium saves 40% weight compared to conventional brass valves. The integrated valve tool in the valve cap saves time and effort in finding the right tool for removing the valve insert. The conical valve base ensures a tight fit. The DT Swiss Tubeless valve fits perfectly to DT Swiss rims and ensures a perfect seal for long trouble-free rides.

DT Swiss tubeless band
The DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Tape seals the rim and also functions as rim tape. It is available in different sizes to fit perfectly to the different inner widths of the rims.

The DT Swiss tubeless ready kit
The DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Kit is used to seal the Tubeless Ready rim and thus enables tubeless riding. DT Swiss strongly recommends the use of a high performance tyre sealant even when using tubeless specific tyres. When using Tubeless Ready tyres, the use of the sealant is mandatory (the sealant seals the tyre, which is primarily not airtight). A tubeless structure reaches its full potential only with a sealant! Make sure that the sealant is compatible with the rim, rim tape and tyre. It must not be corrosive or aggressive in any way. If in doubt, contact the sealant manufacturer so that you do not lose your DT Swiss warranty.

Pro Lock is a process where a patented, dual compound, adhesive liquid is injected into the nipple thread, allowing for extremely durable wheel builds. By threading the nipple onto the spoke the adhesive is activated and starts to harden. Retruing the wheel is still possible after the adhesive has hardened completely, with only a minimal decrease of its thread-lock function.

DT Pro Lock nipples prevent the spoke-nipple connection from loosening.
Wheel durability improves up to 20 times compared to non Pro Lock builds.
Suitable for either hand or machine built wheels. Use of grease or oil not recommended.
All DT Swiss nipples are available with and without DT Pro Lock.


  • ASTM Classification: 3
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Tiltenkt bruk
MTB Nybegynnere/Touring, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Allround / Nybegynner, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro, Dirt, BMX
Forhjul 15x110
Material: CarbonSystem: Hult kammerProfilhøyde: Lav (<30 mm)Høyde: 25 mmDekk: ClincherBremsesystem: SkivebremseVentilasjonsåpningene: 6,5 mmTubeless egnet: jaBredde: 36 mmInteriør bredde: 30 mmStørrelse: 29 Tommer
Installasjon bredde: 110 mmAkseldiameter foran (mm): 15 mmAntall eiker: 28Materiale: AlumimiumType: DT Swiss 240Funksjoner: For thru axle, Forseglet, Kulelager
Stil: DT competition race straightpull with DT ProLock Squorx ProHead nipple made of aluminiumLacing: 3-way crossed (1:1)
Konstruert for bremsetype: Skivebremse Center LockVekt: 728 g
Konstruert for bremsetype: ---
Maks. Totalbelastning: 110 kg
Inkludert i leveransen
Inkludert i leveransen: Wheel, TL tape 32 mm, TL valve aluminium black 18-25 mm, IS 6-hole adapter MTB


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