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HXC 1200 Spline Bakhjul 27,5 "Hybrid Boost Svart

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DT Swiss HXC 1200 Spline Bakhjul 27,5 "Hybrid Boost Svart

The best of the best. Where do you start? A super reliable straight pull spoke interface. Light, eMTB stable spokes. A stiff, high-precision full carbon rim. But the whole HXC 1200 SPLINE is even better than the sum of its parts - a wheel that accelerates, offers traction and is more precise than no other. On the trail it's simply a rocket. Thanks to their unsurpassed know-how in the manufacture of wheel components and industry-leading test procedures, DT Swiss is able to specify its wheels in such a way that they are precisely matched to the area of application. And that is exactly what the developers at DT Swiss have done with this wheel. Your job is to ride up and down the mountains.

24t Ratchets
Hardened 24T steel Ratchets provide ultimate durability, have a small pressure angle and thus guarantee a crisp riding feel.

Hybrid hubs have oversized housings with increased wall thickness, are equipped with heavy duty axles and have extra reinforced spoke holders. They are also equipped with new 24T hardened steel ratchets, oversized bearings and steel rotors. Thanks to these clever optimisations, DT Swiss achieves a permissible system weight of 120 kg with only minimal weight increase compared to a standard MTB hub. The result is a jewel of a hub that can cope with the highest torques, offers direct propulsion and combined with the other HYBRID components results in extremely robust wheels.

Carbon as a high-tech composite material made of fibers and resin can be used exactly according to the occurring loads. All ball bearings in the hubs are oversized to withstand the high loads as well as to run perfectly under the hardest conditions.

To cope with the high torques generated by modern eMTB drives, all hybrid freewheel bodies are made of steel. Available in both Shimano and SRAM XD versions, they are an extremely durable receptacle for any cassette.

HYBRID spokes
To complete the hybrid system, DT Swiss needed spokes that could not only withstand the higher weight and torque of a modern eMTB, but also fit perfectly with the oversized hub spoke receptacles. The specially designed spokes have reinforced and oversized straight pull spoke heads, which together with the DT Pro Lock Squorx nipples ensure that all the power you transmit to the hubs is also converted into a forward movement. Disregarded by many, specifically developed by DT Swiss: Hybrid spokes made for this new way of cycling.

Mass height meters in rough terrain on the eMTB mean a very hard life for the rims. DT Swiss Hybrid rims feature the proven rim profile with load-optimised cross-sections and are approved for a system weight of 120 kg. To obtain a super stable, eMTB specific rim, the developers have increased the strength and material thickness where it makes sense. Available in various widths, you will find the right model for your riding style and terrain. Made for the tougher, faster and further biking of the future. DT Swiss hybrid rims have higher wall thicknesses and are approved for a system weight of 120 kg.

Straightpull technology
Straightpull stands for straight, uncranked spokes. Thanks to this technology it is possible to achieve an ideal ratio between weight and stability. The Straightpull spokes allow very precise alignment and optimised positioning in the wheel for a stiffer and more responsive wheel.

Straightpull hub technology
Straightpull hubs are designed for straight, uncranked spokes. They are extremely durable, reliable and can be converted to almost all axle standards.

DT pro lock technology
The screw locking system injected into the nipples enables the construction of extremely durable wheels. DT pro lock nipples prevent the spoke-nipple connection from loosening automatically. The integrated, patented screw locking system in the nipple thread is based on a two-component adhesive. As soon as the nipples are screwed in, an adhesive is activated which hardens completely at room temperature after approx. 6 - 7 hours. If necessary, the wheel can be used immediately after installation. Multiple re-centering is possible without any problems. However, the adhesive strength decreases slightly with each re-centering.

Double Butted
These spokes have two different diameters. The spoke is partially butted by cold forging. This reduces the diameter and allows weight reduction while improving elongation values.

TUBELESS technology
Tubeless tyres offer some decisive advantages over the conventional combination of tyre and tube.

No special tool
Normal maintenance does not require a special tool.


  • Based on Spline 350 with 24T ratchet freewheel steel body for Shimano
  • Attention: not suitable for SRAM 11-speed other version necessary! Max. 10-speed SRAM cassettes mountable
  • Rim width is 30 mm
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Tiltenkt bruk
MTB Nybegynnere/Touring, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Designet for elsykler
Bakhjul 12x148
Material: CarbonSystem: Hul, dobbelProfilhøyde: Lav (<30 mm)Dekk: ClincherBremsesystem: SkivebremseVentilasjonsåpningene: 6,5 mmTubeless egnet: jaBredde: 36 mmInteriør bredde: 30 mmStørrelse: 27,5 TommerETRTO (Bredde x Diameter): 584 x 30Funksjoner: med bremsestyrkeindikator
Installasjon bredde: 148 mmDiameter aksel: 12 mmHjul type: Shimano/SRAM 8/11-trinnsAntall gir: 11Antall eiker: 28Funksjoner: Forseglet, For thru axle, Kulelager
Stil: HYBRID system-specific straight pull spokes with DT Pro Lock Squorx nippleLacing: 3-delt krysset
Konstruert for bremsetype: ---
Konstruert for bremsetype: Skivebremse 6-hullsVekt: 938 g
Maks. Totalbelastning: 120 kg
Inkludert i leveransen
Inkludert i leveransen: 1 DT Swiss HXC 1200 Spline One rear wheel 27.5" Hybrid Boost 30 mm incl. 12 mm Sram MTB XD 11/12 kit and tubeless valve


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