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Cube Aerium C:68 TT SL High carbon/white (2020)

ID: 1064912
64 990 kr
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We're proud of the Aerium triathlon bikes. They're the fastest of their kind on the market, and that's testament to the efforts of the engineers. But what if you want to race time trials on a UCI-compliant machine? Well, CUBE thought of that too. Meet the all new Aerium C:68 TT - a wind-cheating, PB-busting race bike designed to be the fastest a UCI frame can possibly be. Although it's based on the experience and technology we used to develop the Aerium, the TT is a completely fresh design from the bottom bracket up. Working with the UCI regulations to ensure full compliance, the engineers began with a completely new set of Computer Fluid Dynamics calculations, then tested the results in the wind tunnel. Every single profile of the frame has been changed from the original Aerium, and all in the pursuit of ultimate speed. the C:68 carbon is crafted into a structure that's light, stiff and cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter. Fast-rolling Schwalbe tyres keep you glued to the tarmac, and Shimano's reliable and slick-shifting Ultegra Di2 Disc groupset gives you both motive and stopping power to spare. Because, when you've put in the time to train, refined your technique and ride position and watched what you eat, the last thing you need is for your bike to let you down. The Aerium C:68 TT is your chance to shine. Take it. Pedal hard. And win.

There are two ways to build a really ærodynamic frame. The first involves ignoring all the rules, and just seeing where the science leads you. The result of that approach is the Aerium - still, in the testing, the world's fastest triathlon frame. But if you want to race under the auspices of the UCI, a different approach is needed. Building on the Aerium's successes, we wanted to build an ærodynamic machine that could be raced at the highest level. So we broke out the UCI rulebook, had a careful think, did a whole lot of very advanced Computer Fluid Dynamics modelling, and put the resulting designs in the wind tunnel for extensive testing. Over and over again. The result is the frame you see here - fully UCI compliant, as ærodynamically smooth as it's possible to make a time trial frame, incredibly light and unbelievably efficient. Using the C:68 carbon and Advanced Twin Mold manufacturing, the engineers were able to craft a chassis that's both very slippery and torsionally rigid, so every watt of your pedalling makes a noticeable difference to your speed. It's inspirational. And very, very fast.
Vekt (ca.)
8.9  kg
Inkludert i leveransen
Pedaler inngår: Nei  
System: Triathlon
Type materiale: Karbon
ytterligere spesifikasjoner: Aerium C:68 Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology, Twin Head Tube
System: Udempet gaffel
Merke: Cube
Type: Aerium C: 68 Aero, Fullt integrert
Material: Carbon-Carbon
Type sykkelgir: Gir
Antall gir: 11
Merke: Shimano
Type: Ultegra Di2
Versjon: 2-delt
Modell: Shimano Ultegra Di2 FD-R8050-F
Modell: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 SW-R9160 TT  
Modell: Shimano Ultegra FC-R8000
Girutveksling 1: 53 Tänder
Girutveksling 2: 39 Tänder
Modell: Shimano CN-HG700-11  
Oversettelseskrok (tenner): 11-25 Tänder
Modell: Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000
Merke: Shimano
Type: Dura Ace BR-R9170
Bremsesystem: Bremseklosser
Merke: Shimano
Type: Dura Ace BR-R9170
Bremsesystem: Bremseklosser
Modell: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 SW-R9160 TT  
System: Triathlon
Modell: CUBE C:68 TT Cockpit System
System: A-Head
Modell: CUBE C:68 TT Cockpit System
Cube Grip Control  
(FSA Orbit I, 1 1/8" Integrerat  
Fizik Arione R7  
System: Integrert
Type: CUBE Aerium C:68 Aero
Material: Karbonfiber
Modell: Newmen  
Størrelse: 28 Tum
Dekkbredde: 25 mm
Modell: Schwalbe Pro One, Tubeless Easy, 25-622
Størrelse: 28 Tum
Dekkbredde: 25 mm
Modell: Schwalbe Pro One, Tubeless Easy, 25-622
Handlebar Mount: Profile Design T5+ Carbon / Saddle Clip: CUBE Aerium Integrated / Equipment: CUBE Concept Front Hydration / Concept Gear Unit  
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