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Record Felgbremse dual pivot foran / bak mono pivot black

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Campagnolo Record Felgbremse dual pivot foran / bak mono pivot black

Record: a mark of performance and quality
The Record groupset has provided countless sporting successes in professional cycling and is now ready to start its latest "revolution". It's ready to take on new challenges, because it has already won the biggest one: performance. A derailleur at maximum effort is no longer a problem with the new Record rear derailleur group and when you notice that the chain has moved from the small chainring to the big one, you might think that you are using an electronic EPS drive system! The same applies to the super-fast, smooth, nimble and noiseless shifting process. Now it's up to you to set the record!
Campagnolo has developed a second option for the Record brakes. In addition to the standard version with one pivot, there is the option of a twin pivot for those who require more braking power at the rear wheel. The skeleton design and the new composition of the brake pads is responsible for the excellent braking performance. The brake pad holders with optical adjustability allow the optimisation of the contact surface.

Skeleton brakes

Thanks to its double pivot design, the front brake can exert about 70% of the combined braking force on the front rim; the rear brake, on the other hand, which uses only a single pivot, exerting less braking force and meaning you're less likely to block the back wheel.

For the skeleton brakes, a basic concept from the theory of structural design was applied, on the basis of which there are two different approaches: To use as little material as possible and to place this material at the greatest possible distance from the neutral bending axis of the cross-section concerned. In this way, the ratio between weight and stiffness on the component is optimized to a maximum. And at the same time the well-known reliability of Campagnolo's braking characteristics is not only maintained, but even increased.


  • lighter brake pad holder
  • central pivot point with storage system
  • exclusive fastening system of the brake pads
  • Special composition of the brake pads
  • differentiated front and rear brake
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Tiltenkt bruk
Landevei, Gravel, Triathlon, Endurance
Bremse type
monteringsbolter: Standard (Bakhjul), Standard (framhjul)
284 g



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