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Centaur 11 Veivsett 50/34 ,11-gir Svart

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Campagnolo Centaur 11 Veivsett 50/34 ,11-gir Svart

The name Centaur comes from Greek mythology, where it is said that in cultures where the horse was not domesticated, the wandering nomads who rode on it instead were regarded as beings half human, half animal. Although the Campagnolo version may be somewhat less mythical, it attempts to unite man and machine and allow both to move as a single, indivisible, functional and beautiful ensemble. Available in black and silver, the new elegant Campagnolo group guarantees an efficient solution that perfectly matches the aesthetics of any frame, regardless of finish or material. In order to carry the Campagnolo brand, a group must undergo extremely rigorous controls and demonstrate that it guarantees performance far beyond the standards required by most. This last mechanical Campagnolo group is no different because it proudly perpetuates the tradition of improving the cycling experience born more than 80 years ago in Vicenza.

Ultra Torque Axle
Campagnolo has ensured that the two halves of the bottom bracket axle are inseparably connected to the respective crank arms. This new development has made it possible to considerably reduce the lateral protrusion of the frame at axle height and thus prevent unwanted contact with the ankle during the pedal movement. Their assembly is extremely simple, a single oversize screw is used to firmly connect the two halves of the axle to each other. With regard to the effectiveness of the torque transmission, this system can withstand comparison with a one-piece axle.

The Campagnolo USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic deep groove ball bearings guarantee extreme smoothness. Absolutely smooth surfaces and low friction to reduce energy loss in the best possible way are the most interesting properties. Add to that the reduced weight and corrosion resistance and you'll understand why Campagnolo can offer the best of the best with USB. All your power is losslessly transferred to the road.

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Tiltenkt bruk
Landevei, Gravel, Endurance
Antall drev: 2 kjederingeroversettelse: 50/34 tenner
Kompatibel med gir: 11-deltDesign: 4-ArmetAkselklemme: Ultra TorquePCD: 130 mmHullsirkel type: CampagnoloKjedelinje: 43.5 mm
865 g
Inkludert i leveransen
Inkludert i leveransen: 1 Campagnolo Centaur 11 Crankset 50 / 34T 11s, incl. Ultra Torque with bearings, without bearing shells



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