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Bora WTO 45 Wheel Set 28" HG 8-11 Dark Label

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Wheel Set 28" HG 8-11 Dark Label

The Aero family of carbon wheels has been enriched with a 45 mm profile for the general public. The rim design allows maximum aerodynamic penetration and with a certain angle the wind even becomes a valuable ally of the athlete. Aerodynamic hubs and ceramic USB cone bearing shell system in the hubs: Each design decision for these wheels serves to optimize performance.

The inner rim width of 19 mm allows the mounting of 23 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm tyres. In addition, Campagnolo's 2-Way Fit version once again offers proven technology for perfect compatibility with clincher and tubeless tyres. If the objective of these wheels is extreme performance, safety is guaranteed by Campagnolo AC3 technology (All Conditions Carbon Control), a guarantee of safe and modular braking in all weather conditions. Available versions: Bright and Dark Label, Campagnolo or HG11 freewheel body

G3 geometry
Campagnolo has developed a spoking pattern that improves energy transfer compared to a conventional wheel, reduces stress on the spokes on the right side of the rear wheel and increases lateral stiffness. In the G3 geometry, the right side of the rear wheel has twice as many spokes as the left side. The advantages of the G3 system are amazing - improved power transmission, increased lateral stiffness, reduced spoke tension on the rear wheel. Thanks to the G3 system, vibrations are eliminated even in heavier people.

The cycling world generally agrees on the fact that one of the main disadvantages of the carbon fibre rim is the reduced braking ability on wet terrain. To solve this problem, Campagnolo has developed All Conditions Carbon Control technology, also known as AC3.

The introduction of this special and carefully designed Bremsoberfl area creates safe, reliable and powerful deceleration in all weather conditions. In the Bora Campagnolo range of rim brake wheels, the dry braking performance increases by 3% compared to the previous Bora wheel, making the difference to the most similar competitor products even more striking (over 6%). But when the weather conditions get worse, AC3 technology gives the Bora wheel outstanding performance and improves braking performance by over 43% compared to previous Campagnolo models.

The powerful braking of AC3 technology makes a difference in performance of almost 55% compared to the next best competitor, which is a remarkable advantage when downhill driving can decide the race.

USB - Ultra Smooth Bearing
Absolutely smooth surfaces and low friction to reduce energy loss as much as possible are the most interesting properties. Add to that the reduced weight and corrosion resistance and you'll understand why we can offer you the best of the best with USB. All your power is transferred to the road without loss. Campagnolo has always been respected for the extreme smoothness and reliability of its hubs. These characteristics are due to the fact that all projects are developed in the R&D department of Campy Tech Lab and that every detail is given an almost manic care. The hubs with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings further increase the smoothness of the wheels and reduce weight and maintenance. Comparative tests have shown that USB bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings. An increase in your competition performance or even a ride with your friends is now made easier. The USB - Ultra Smooth Bearings - technology is used for the Record cranksets and for the new Shamal Ultra wheels. 

CIC - Campagnolo Identification Card
All Campagnolo wheels are developed in the Campy Tech Lab. Design, prototyping, industrialisation and rigorous testing - every day the designers work hard to offer you the best wheels in the world.

- Fatigue test: Before production, Campagnolo tests each wheel for durability.

- Crash test: simulation of a collision with an obstacle. All Campagnolo wheels meet the UCI criteria.

- High-pressure test: Campanolo's developers test all wheels with far more pressure than is officially permitted for tyres.

- Environmental test: UV-A and UV-B radiation, road salt and moisture. All Campagnolo wheels must pass these tests.
  Then you guarantee maximum performance and lasting reliability.

Manufactured 100 percent by hand and electronically tested. Campagnolo checks every parameter.

On every wheel. Each of the Campagnolo specialists is specially trained. That's why all Campa employees can work with the utmost meticulousness. The careful final inspection is carried out with specially manufactured electronic measuring instruments. This guarantees the Campagnolo quality you are accustomed to.


  • With Shimano freewheel body
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Tiltenkt bruk
Landevei, Endurance
Bakhjul 10x130, Forhjul 9x100
Quick Release
Material: CarbonSystem: Hult kammerProfilhøyde: Medium (30-50 mm)Høyde: 45Dekk: ClincherBremsesystem: FelgbremsVentilasjonsåpningene: 6,5 mmTubeless egnet: jaBredde: 26.5 mmInteriør bredde: 19 mmStørrelse: 28 TommerETRTO (Bredde x Diameter): 19 x 622
Installasjon bredde: 100 mmAkseldiameter foran (mm): 9 mmAntall eiker: 18Materiale: aluminiumFunksjoner: For quick release, Forseglet, Kulelager
Materiale: aluminiumInstallasjon bredde: 130 mmDiameter aksel: 9 mmHjul type: Socket Shimano / SRAMAntall gir: 11Antall eiker: 21Funksjoner: Forseglet, For quick release, Kulelager
Materiale: Rustfri stålStil: AerospaceLacing: Front wheel: radial/ Rear wheel: G3 geometry grouped
Konstruert for bremsetype: Felgbremser
Konstruert for bremsetype: Felgbremser
Totalvekt: 1483 gMaks. Totalbelastning: 109 kg
Inkludert i leveransen
Inkludert i leveransen: 1 Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 LRS HG incl. brake pads BR-BO500/BR-BO500X1, tubeless valve 35 mm, valve extension 35 mm, valve reduction sleeve, 2 tire levers, manual



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