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Trail Spring Fall Hooded Jacket Herre Grå/Svart

ID: 1031006

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ASSOS Trail Spring Fall Hooded Jacket Herre Grå/Svart

The Trail Hooded Jacket for spring and autumn has just the right features including lightweight insulation, breathable materials, a fit designed for off-road riding and all-round protective features. Assos have been looking for something to combine well with the SS and LS Trail jerseys in the cool spring and autumn weather, when temperatures often change from day to day.

Since Assos know that the front of the body, shoulders and head must defy the elements, they have developed a new ultra-soft and flexible material called RX Tech Melange specifically for these areas. This beautiful blended fabric is roughened on the inside to create a slightly insulating protective layer that is particularly welcome during the long, winding descents from great heights.

The high collar on the scuba-style hood serves as built-in neck protection when the zipper is fully closed to the top. It should be noted that the hood itself is not compatible with a helmet. Assos wanted to keep your head warm before and after the ride, with enough neck protection during the ride and no risk of overheating. The back panel of the jacket consists of the same proven circular knitted triangle textile that is also used for the trail jerseys: A lightweight, flexible material that is extremely breathable and wicks moisture away from the underlying layers. The sleeves are made from the high performance RX fabric, which is slightly roughened on the inside to provide some extra insulation. The elbows are protected by an abrasion resistant dyneRope.

The jacket cut in the trailFit is tight-fitting and designed for trail bikes, but also ready to go for leisure use at any time. With the help of the double zipper you can wear the jacket like a cape on the strenuous way to the summit or let the air in from above in the traditional way. Assos have also added a single inside pocket for small items to the design, which has a built-in flap to securely store keys and other valuables.

RX Tech Melange
A roughened grey circular knitted fabric has been developed to provide excellent comfort with its moisture dissipating, slightly insulating and extremely flexible properties.

A proven roughened bi-stretch warp knitted fabric designed to wick away moisture and provide a light insulating effect.

An interlocking circular knitted fabric with mono-stretch for vertical stability. Ultra soft, with USF 35 and easy to print.

A densely woven, tear-resistant fabric. This textile fiber is fifteen times stronger than steel, mixed with a black polyethylene and strategically placed to protect exposed areas from abrasions.

Internal Ramp Bag
The small bag with sewn-in fabric flap keeps cash, identity card, ski lift cards, keys and other small objects safe and secure.

Double zipper
With the ability to open the zipper from bottom to top, this jacket offers even better breathability and adapts effortlessly to environmental conditions.

Adapts to the natural movements of the body, whether in the saddle or elsewhere - close fitting but never restrictive. A comfortable, versatile cut that's perfect for all off-road rides, whether for an hour or the whole day.

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Tiltenkt bruk
MTB Nybegynnere/Touring, Marathon/Cross Country, Allround / Nybegynner, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, Cyclocross, Gravel, Sykkelpendling, Bysykling, Hverdag, Pendling, Lifestyle / Single Speed, Urban Sports
Sesong: Helårs produkt
Søm: reduserte sømmerMateriale: Polyester 67%, Polyamide 26%, Elastane 6%, Polyethylene 1%
Detaljer glidelås: Double zipperVesker: Inner hidden pocket
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ASSOS Trail Spring Fall Hooded Jacket Herre Grå/Svart Grå/Svart
Christian Helbig
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ASSOS Trail Spring Fall Hooded Jacket Herre Grå/Svart Grå/Svart
Assos leverer nok en gang ! Meget rå jakke